YachtBot is a live tracking system that allows clubs or race organisers to provide live races to online spectators, and race data for post-analysis to competitors and coaches. Perfect for club days and regattas! YachtBot accomplishes this by tracking each competitor's compatible tracker - either a YachtBot device or a smartphone using the YachtBot App. 

If you wish to set up a race or regatta to share events with specific people or the public there are a few steps to follow. In this article, we're assuming that you want to set up the race with your account, making you the 'race owner'.

  1. You need to decide how to get to your sailor's data. It depends on what devices they are using, and if they (yet) have own YachtBot accounts. Read more in the Getting your race participants' data article and the Sharing Devices article.
  2. Create your race! Find details in the Defining a race and Managing races (advanced) articles. Some of the steps within can be prepared well ahead of race day, so have a look soon!
  3. Is the race public or do you want to keep it private among the participants? Find out more about creating contacts in the Managing Contacts and Sharing races: Public vs. private articles.
  4. Decide how you want to handle race markers, and plan for additional live devices if possible. See the Placing Buoys and markers article.

We're here to help, so if you get stuck at any point or have questions - get in touch. Happy sailing!