The configuration file is a required text file on the SD card of your YachtBot device. The configuration file is called "config.ini" and can be located in the root directory of your SD card.  

To access this file, either plug in your device using a USB cable, so the SD card inside the YachtBot device will mount on your computer similar to a USB key, or remove the SD card and insert into a SD slot in your computer.

The most commonly required adjustment in the configuration file are covered in other articles:

Other features, on by default, can be turned off using the config.ini

Other settings can be changed, but we'd rather tell you how to do it (and find out how and why you're planning to use it!). Contact us if you want to

  • Change the update rate

The article on Configuration for YachtBot devices takes you through all necessary steps to make changes to the config.ini and has default files for your use.