What do the flashing lights mean?

The LEDs in the front label are status indicators. See Status LED Indicators for more detail.

How do I know the unit is fully charged?

See Charging YachtBot for more details.

Is my YachtBot waterproof and does it sink if dropped in the water?

Yes, it's waterproof (if bung is fitted) and yes, it will sink. We recommend using a safety lanyard whenever possible.

My YachtBot device doesn’t show up as a device when I plug it into my PC.

Make sure the SD card is inserted correctly. Contact us if the problem persists.

When I try to turn the unit on by pressing the power button, the red light flashes but turns off when I let go of the button. The unit never powers up.

Your device cannot find a firmware and is therefore not booting up. See our support website for the latest firmware updates and instructions.

The indicators on my device never go solid. What's wrong?

First check that the SIM and SD cards are inserted correctly.

If the data indicator keeps flashing, check out the SIM card trouble shooting tips. The most common cause for problems is related to brand new SIMs being used. Put the SIM card in a conventional smart phone and make sure you can browse to websites other than that of the SIM card provider and that there is no PIN set for using mobile data. If there is a PIN, use the smart phone to remove it.

If the GPS indicator keeps flashing, your device isn’t getting a satellite fix. This can happen if you’re inside a building or outside surrounded by tall structures or trees. On a boat, make sure your unit brain can see the sky and be aware that carbon fiber shield signals very efficiently.

Contact us at support@igtimi.com if the problem persists.

The indicators on my device all flash in unison. Why is that?

Make sure the SD card is inserted correctly and that it contains a configuration file named config.ini.