What is the best way to mount WindBot?

WindBot is sensitive to location on your boat. Because the True Wind calculation depends on the GPS location, any magnetic disturbances can influence this measurement. In practice, this means that when used on a RIB, WindBot needs to be mounted as far away from the motor as possible.


How to tell if WindBot is mounted incorrectly? If you can see boat movement data in your wind measurements, then your mounting location is likely incorrect. Contact us with photographs of the boat you wish to mount WindBot on and we’ll advise of best location.

What do the power light blips mean?

There are some helpful error codes that are displayed by the power light indicator, which will flash to indicate an error.

Light Blips
5WindBot stopped calculating True Wind
6Not receiving apparent Wind from Wind Sonic sensor
7Not receiving IMU (Compass) data
9Not receiving GPS data

 Hierarchy: Codes with higher numbers trump those with lower numbers.   

When I try to turn the WindBot brain on by pressing the power button, the red light flashes but turns off when I let go of the button. The unit never powers up.

Your device cannot find a firmware and is therefore not booting up. See our support website for the latest firmware updates and instructions.

How do I power WindBot from boat power?

The WindBot can be powered from boat power using a power cable that connects the boat's battery to the pigtail on the windpole. If powering the WindBot system from boat power, typically via a display (old Nanuk displays), always start your engine before turning on the WindBot system.

Important! When powered off boat power, WindBot can drain your boat’s battery. Always turn the display off, then turn off WindBot brain before mooring for the night. If data sync is enabled (see below), WindBot brain will not shut down immediately.

How can I check the fidelity of wind measurements?

On a boat, with a steady onshore wind, test the device by driving a square shaped pattern in sufficient wind, aiming for the heading to change by about 90 degrees while the wind value remains the same (within a few degrees).

I don't have a display, how can I troubleshoot WindBot?

After registering the device and inserting a SIM card, create a LIVE race on ww.yacht-bot.com.

Required equipment:

  • A laptop, tablet, smartphone to view the live race
  • Sufficient sky view to allow WindBot to get a GPS fix
  • A compass or knowledge of True or Magnetic North direction

Now continue with the tests as described in Dry and Wet troubleshooting tips.

How do I attach the wind sensor?

The sensor typically arrives attached to the top section of the pole. Unless absolutely required, we recommend never removing it.

When assembling the sensor to the top of the pole, make it so that the red mark is pointing at the same side as the WindBot brain. The screw holes are distributed unevenly around the circumference of the fitting to ensure this.