How much data will YachtBot Mini use?

The default GPS rate on the YachtBot Minis is 0.3Hz, 1 point every 3 seconds.

At this rate, a unit running for 12 hours would consume around 1.8 Mb of data. This works out to be around 0.15 Mb an hour. i.e For a 7 hour run, a YachtBot Mini would use about 1.1 Mb of data.

It is possible to run the YachtBot Mini at different rates which would either increase or decrease the total data usage, but for most cases 0.3 Hz is sufficient.

What countries will my device work in?

YachtBot Mini comes in many different versions. See identify your device type for more information on cellular roaming.

Is the YachtBot Mini waterproof?

No. Without any precautions, the YachtBot Mini is only splash-proof. The supplied YachtBot bag should help you keep your YachtBot Mini dry and secured in a convenient place. We are however, not guaranteeing anything related to waterproofness. 

Will the YachtBot Mini sink if I drop it in the water?

Yes. We suggest that you fill your YachtBot bag with air and polystyrene to increase the chances of it floating! All experimentation on this is at your own risk.

The blue GPS indicator keeps flashing on my YachtBot Mini. What's wrong?

Your device isn’t getting a GPS fix. This can happen if you’re inside a building or outside surrounded by tall structures or trees. On a boat, make sure the tracker can see the sky. 

Contact us at if the problem persists.

The green data indicator keeps flashing on my YachtBot Mini. What's wrong?

Check that the SIM card is inserted correctly, with contacts touching the metal and the lock mechanism engaged so that the card is sitting flush.

If this doesn't resolve the issue, make sure that the APN settings are correct.

Contact us at if the problem persists.

I can't tell if my YachtBot Mini is on or off!

We agree, it can be tricky to distinguish between a turned off device, and one that’s perfectly connected.

If you don’t have ready access to to check the connection status, you can briefly push the power button.

In normal operation:

  • If none of the two indicators flash, the device is off (or out of battery).
  • If both lights flash up briefly and turn off together, the device is on and connected.
  • If only the blue light flashes briefly, the device is off (on older hardware iterations of the 2G version).

When you're dealing with a fault or bad connection, you may see:

  • If both indicators light up, but the green data connection light keeps flashing, you likely have incorrect APN settings, or the device simply hasn't had enough time to connect to the cellular network.

When I plug my YachtBot Mini into my PC’s USB port, the device shows up then disappears again. What’s wrong?

The YachtBot Mini’s USB port is only intended for charging using the supplied DC converter. Connecting it to a PC will charge it, too, however more slowly. YachtBot Mini is not registering as an appropriate USB device, so your PC will not connect to it properly.